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Matoma from amyloid angiopathy: case report. Neurosurgery  36(2):403-6, 1995 feb 16.     preul mc. , caramanos z. cheap viagra online , collins dl. , villemure jg. , leblanc r. viagra online without prescription , olivier a. , pokrupa r. , arnold dl. Accurate, noninvasive diagnosis of human brain tumors by using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Nature medicine 2(3):323-5 1996 mar 17. cheap viagra     lam c. H. , ethier r. Pokrupa r. Conservative therapy of atlantoaxial osteomyelitis. A case report spine 21(15):1820-3 1996 aug 1 18.     white cl, pokrupa r, chan mhan evaluation of the effectiveness of patient-controlled analgesia after spinal surgery. Journal of neuroscience nursing 30(4):225-32, august 1998 19.     kuznetsov ye, caramanos z, antel sb, preul mc, leblanc r, villemure j-g, pokrupa r, olivier a, sadikot a, arnold dl.   “proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging can predict length of survival in patients with a supratentorial gliomas”.   neurosurgery, 53, 2, sept 2003 abstracts: 1.     uhthoff h. K. , pokrupa r. & sarkar k. External epicondylitis (tennis elbow): a critical analysis of pathogenesis. [french]union medical du canada: 107(7): 647-648, 1978. buy generic viagra online uk next day delivery 2.     pokrupa r. viagra viagra viagra karşılaştırması Hakim, a. M. Wolfe, l. S. Prostacyclin in acute ischemic stroke: preliminary results of an ongoing clinical trial. In: "prostacyclin: new basic and clinical studies, a symposium", louis pasteur foundation: (1984) 3.     wolfe ls. Pappius hm. viagra lutschtabletten 10 mg Pokrupa r. Hakim a. buy generic viagra online uk next day delivery Involvement of arachadonic acid metabolites in experimental brain injury. Identification of lipoxygenase products in the brain. Clinical studies of prostacyclin infusion in acute cerebral ischemia. In. "kyoto conference on prostaglandins 1984"advances in prostaglandin, thromboxane and leukotriene research 15: 585-8 (1985) 4.     pokrupa r. Editorial: primary management of the head injured patientdiagnosis 2(3) 5-6 1985 5.     yamamoto y. L. , hakim a. M. , diksic m, pokrupa r, meyer e, evans a. viagra no prescription C. viagra pills , worsley k, thompson c. J. , feindel w. Focal flow disturbances in acute strokes: effects on metabolic function in early human cerebral infarcts. In functional mapping of the brain in vascular disorders ed w-d heiss. cheap viagra online
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